Water-cooled LED grow lights

When you use LED lights in your greenhouse or growing area, there’s always a challenge you have to face: how are you going to cool the fixtures? Oreon uses high-end water-cooled solutions to prevent the fixtures from overheating and this offers multiple benefits.

The big difference between Oreon and other suppliers is that Oreon opts for active cooling instead of passive cooling of the LED grow lights and that we use water to do so. This means that the LED grow lights are constantly cooled with water. The biggest advantages of using liquid-cooled LED grow lights are that you don’t have to let heat and/or CO2 escape, there is less chance of malfunctions, the heat can be reused and the lifespan is longer. Thanks to the water cooling, it’s the smallest fixture available on the market. You don’t just buy cultivation LED lights, but you buy a complete, well thought-out and cost-saving system. And last but not least: the complete system of water-cooled LED grow lights will contribute to the quantitative and the qualitative growth of the crops.

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Oreon’s unique water-cooled lighting technology ensures that electronics and LEDs are continuously cooled. This not only extends the fixtures lifespan, it also benefits the growth of the crop. We developed multiple products, each suitable for different types of cultivation.

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The smallest LED fixtures with the biggest impact."
Every crop has its own lightning needs."

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The size of the greenhouse, available height, kind of crop and desired DLI are factors that determine the amount of fixtures needed. Years of knowledge and experience enable us to develop perfect light recipe for your greenhouse or growing area.

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The sustainable and highly efficiënt water-cooled LED lights are produced and developed for greenhouse horticulture. The combination of the right light plan and our LED fixtures will ensure a beneficial impact on your harvest. Not only in quantity but also in quality. 


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With LED lighting the production increases and the quality is improved."

Why you should use liquid cooled LED grow lights?

Why you should use liquid cooled LED grow lights?


We shortly mentioned it before, but using water-cooled LED grow lights has multiple benefits. For starters, the active cooling makes it possible to store the heat separately, away from the greenhouse. This prevents the heat to rise to the top of the greenhouse, so it’s not necessary to air once in a while. With opening the windows, not only the heat escapes, but you’ll lose CO2 as well. CO2 is essential for the crop to grow, so you have to add it again later. Storing the heat that the fixtures produce, makes it possible to keep the windows of your greenhouse closed. This way, you keep the CO2 inside and you can use the heated water you stored later to heat your crop and support it’s growing. 

In addition, Oreon’s water-cooled LED grow lights are the smallest fixtures available on the market. The compactness features minimal shade, which not only makes it possible to have maximal use of the natural sunlight, you’ll also need less fixtures in your greenhouse. Besides that, the fixtures are IP67 water resistant and therefore are easy to clean as well. Since there are no moving parts on the outside, like with using fans for active cooling, there’s less chance of malfunctions. No dirt will get in and there’s no maintenance required. The electrical parts are constantly cooled, which ensures the life span of the liquid-cooled LED grow lights. All in all, Oreon’s water cooled LED grow lights will save you (energy) costs and will benefit the growth of the crop.

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