Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the Oreon Grow Lights? Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help you. Below you will find the most frequently asked questions.

What is the power of the lamp?

The power of the 'Oreon Grow Light - Extend Voltage' depends on the chose spectrum. Low Blue (LB): 655W. Medium Blue (MB): 640W. High Blue (HB): 640W. Would you like to know more about the heat imparted onto the cooling system per fixture? We advise you to take a look into the Technical Datasheets. Go to 'Support > Downloads', here you can find all available datasheets of the Oreon Grow Light - Extended Voltage - Narrow Beam.

For what voltages is the lamp suitable?

The Oreon Grow Lights are suitable for the voltage range: 220-480 VAC.

Can the lamp be used in a humid environment?

The Oreon Grow Lights are completely dust- and watertight and IP67 certified. The LEDs are completely sealed by a glass cover with an anti-reflective coating to ward off light reflection and absorption. The fixtures can be sprayed clean with a high-pressure sprayer.

Why is there less shadow effect with the Oreon Grow Lights?

Due to the water cooling system, the LED fixtures are of compact size. Despite the high light output, the fixture is smaller than the traditional HPS lamp or comparable LED fixtures. Due to the compact size of the lamp there is less shadow effect and the natural light output is better utilized.

Is the lamp suitable for the North American market?

Yes, the lamps are suitable for the North American market. The Oreon Grow Lights are suitable for the voltage range: 220-480 VAC. The fixture has a cMETus listing and therefore approval for both the United States and Canada.

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