LED Grow Lights for Strawberries

Strawberries are mostly seen as a typical summer fruit, but it can be bought and grown all year. Growing strawberries indoors under lights is one of the best ways to grow strawberries with high quality, even during wintertime. Many studies have shown that strawberries grown under LED lights taste better and have a more smooth red color.

LED grow lights for strawberries come with multiple benefits, but you’ll need to use the right light spectrum to get the best results. Adding extra far-red wavelengths on top of standard base grow lighting, can increase the yield of the strawberries and can result in an extra yield a year. However, the wavelengths red and blue are also necessary to maximise plant health and growth. The perfect combination of the three colors allows the plant to generate artificial light that is as close as natural sunlight as possible.

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Save costs with LED grow lights

The investment costs of LED grow lights may seem higher than other lighting systems, but the fixtures of Oreon will help you save money. The fixtures are the smallest ones on the market. The unique design also enables to fit more leds in one fixture. You’ll get less shadow areas because of the small fixtures and less fixtures are needed to light to reach the required lighting levels. The fixtures help you save energy and investment costs. Oreon’s LED grow lights for strawberries are compatible with HSP lighting as well, if these are currently installed in your greenhouse. The lamps can be replaced for a hybrid set-up as well.

Water-cooled LED fixtures help you save energy and investment costs."
A smooth red color of the strawberries and high brix values"

Use the right light spectrum

Unlike traditional HPS or HID lighting, the colours in LED lights can influence the growth and development of the strawberry plant. The correct ratio of blue and red LEDs create the optimal  light spectrum to ensure that all parts of a plant grow evenly. An optimal light recipe and intensity provide a smooth red color of the strawberries and consistently high brix values, which are used to measure the sweetness and taste.

Growing strawberries year round

Using LED lights for growing strawberries enables you to grow the fruits all year round. Oreon’s fixtures are actively water-cooled, which means that the heath the lights produce will not affect the climate in the greenhouse in summer. You can control the temperature and create the perfect growing conditions for your strawberries. The consistent temperature during the whole day will benefit the growing performances of the plants. In winter, the LED grow lights for strawberries can be combined with traditional HPS lighting in a hybrid solution for more heat.

You can control the temperature and create the perfect growing conditions"

Benefits of growing strawberries indoors with Oreon’s LED lights

Benefits of growing strawberries indoors with Oreon’s LED lights

The LED grow lights for strawberries from Oreon use active water cooling. This means that the fixtures are actively cooled and that the heat is taken away from the fixture and outside of the greenhouse. The heat is stored separately, so it can be reused at a later time. Another benefit is that the heat the fixtures produce won’t affect the climate of the greenhouse. The excessive heat is taken away and will not rise to the top of the greenhouse. The need to vent once in a while to get rid of the excessive heat is taken away. As a result, the climate in your greenhouse will stay consistent. 

Growing strawberries indoors under LED grow lights has multiple benefits, but we can imagine that the switch to using LED grow lights is easier said than done. We are happy to provide additional information or make a light plan, without further obligation. Please contact us if you’re interested or have any questions.

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