Vertical farming with LED grow lights

Vertical farming is challenging. You’ll need full control of the closed room to get the most out of your crops. Oreon’s multi-layer fixture Embrace eases the process of vertical farming with LED grow lights.

One thing for sure: space is valuable in a climate room. As a grower, you know that you need to control every little aspect in the growing process of the crops to generate a successful harvest. Vertical farming challenges you to be efficient and accurate at the same time. Especially in a closed room, the crops need a uniform beam of light to grow. This means that you need full power of the light spectrum throughout the whole growing process. And above all that, the crops in different growing phases also have different lighting requirements. This may sound like a mission impossible, but let us introduce you to the solution: Oreon’s multi-layer fixture 'Dutch Powerhouse Embrace'!  This LED grow light fixture helps you to produce a perfect harvest all year round and is your partner in crime as a grower.

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Cultivation LED lights for different kind of crops

Less investment costs

An advantage of the multi-layer fixture Embrace is that the leds have very wide beam optics. This means that you’ll need less fixtures to light all crops, which comes with less investment costs. The high uniformity is ensured through a very wide beam angle with an extreme high output (up to 700 µmol/s). Additionally, the vertical LED grow lights are very efficient, causing less energy costs. All in all, the multi-layer fixture empowers you with full control of your crops all year round against competitive operational costs.

The high uniformity is ensured through a wide beam angle with a high light output"
The multi-layer fixtures are designed for close to crop vertical farming lighting"

Close to crop lighting

The Dutch Powerhouse Embrace multi-layer fixture is designed for close to crop, indoor and vertical farming lighting. The heat the leds produce is taken away from the fixture via water cooling, which prevents the crops from being affected by the excessive heat or ventilation. This makes it very useful for vertical farming with rack or multi-layer systems. An additional benefit is that the excessive heat won’t influence the temperature in your growroom, a problem of frequent occurrence for vertical farming with LED lights.

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Adjustable light spectrum

Every phase in a crop’s growing cycle has its own lighting requirements. The Embrace has an adjustable light spectrum, so you can create the perfect growing conditions for the phase your crop is in. The fixture can be supplemented with a dynamic light recipe. The dynamic light recipes create the opportunity to dim and adjust the light spectrum throughout the whole growing cycle. This makes the fixture very useful for plant propagation lighting as well.

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Create the perfect growing conditions for the phase of the crop"

Indoor farming LED lights with water cooling

Indoor farming LED lights with water cooling

The biggest advantage of Oreon’s LED grow lights, the multi-layer fixture included, is that the fixtures are actively water-cooled. Heat between the layers is a well-known problem for vertical farming lighting. With active water cooling, the excessive heat is taken away from the fixture and stored separately. The crop and the temperature in the closed room won’t be affected by the heat the fixtures produce, to get more control over the temperature in the closed room. 

The heat that is stored separately, can be reused at a later time. You can use it to heat up the irrigation water, for example. The excessive heat also won’t rise to the top of the closed room, so the microclimate of every layer is the same and stable.

Vertical farming often requires more lights, which will produce more heat in a closed room. The multi-layer fixture Embrace deals with those two problems and makes your job as a grower a lot easier. You’ll need less fixtures to light your crops and the excessive heat is taken away. We can create a custom-made light plan and are happy to discuss some more benefits of water cooling with you, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

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