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A big challenge of growing basil all year round is that a plant might not thrive in a way it would when growing outdoors during summertime. This may be caused by the absence of quality and quantity of sunlight during winter, for example. The issues can be overcome with LED grow lights for basil.

LED lights are emitted in different wavelengths, in other words: colors. Plant physiology can be altered by using different light spectrums during different phases of their growth cycle. They also use it for different purposes. Studies showed that for basil, using the right combination of blue light and light intensity you could have major increases in shelf-life, resulting in less waste. Furthermore, different ratios in light colors triggers the basil plant in favoring bigger leaves or bigger stems.  Oreon’s basil LED grow lights come with a light spectrum that has a perfect combination of red, blue, mid and far-red light. Oreon’s LED grow lights can be combined with HPS lighting as well.

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LED grow lights for basil

First of all, growing basil indoors under LED lights ensures basil with better flavor. However, there are numerous additional benefits. An important advantage is that the shelf-life of the basil will be extended. These two examples show the high quality of the crops, due to grow lights. Using artificial lighting enables you to set the perfect growing conditions for your plant. You are no longer depending on the season or the time of day.

An important advantage is that the shelf-life of the basil will be extended."
They can be applied for top lighting, but for multi-layer lighting as well"

High light intensity basil LED grow lights

Oreon’s LED grow lights for basil are suitable in different growing circumstances. They can be applied for top lighting, but for multi-layer lighting as well. This enables vertical farming and makes plant propagation lighting a lot easier. Additionally, the fixtures are the smallest on the market. This comes with less shadow effects. In combination with the wide beam optics, you’ll need less fixtures to reach a high light uniformity. This saves on investment and energy costs!

Best practice: De Kruidenaer

De Kruidenaer is located in Etten-Leur in The Netherlands and grows basil in their high-tech greenhouse. They are able to use a shot cultivation cycle and produce fresh basil six days a week due to the intensive lighting. The owner Chris explains that he had chosen for Oreon LED fixtures because they came out best in a test that was held before the greenhouse was built: “During the tests, we noted stronger plans, with sturdier leaves and shorter internodes. The colour was better, too. I am sure that this gives the basil greater vigour.”

Basil LED grow lights with active water cooling

Basil LED grow lights with active water cooling

That LED fixtures produce heat, is a fact. This can influence the climate of your greenhouse and you’ll need to vent once in a while and/or purchase HVAC. This will no longer be a problem with Oreon’s basil LED grow lights with active water cooling. The water cooling takes the heat away from the fixture and can be stored outside the greenhouse, or removed from the greenhouse environment.. This does not only prevent the heat from affecting the climate of the greenhouse, it also enables you to reuse the warm water at a later time. The company De Kruidenaer reuse the heat for heating the ponds, for example. 

Furthermore, this unique technology enables us to put more leds in one fixture. This creates a higher light output. The fixture is still compact and this enables it to be attached directly under existing trellis. If you would like more information or are interested in basil LED grow lights, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would like to make a custom-made lighting plan for you, without any obligation

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