LED grow lights for floriculture

LED grow lights for floriculture

Oreon has developed a light fixture for floriculture in greenhouses. For flower and potted plant growers, delivering a consistent product is key. With LED grow lights you can supplement daylight with the required number of hours (DLI) suitable for ornamental crops. This way, seasons can be eliminated and consistent quality is guaranteed.

Every crop has its own ideal LED light recipe. The correct ratio of red, blue and white LEDs for roses helps rose growers further improve quality and increase yields. With a custom spectrum, a grower can harvest top quality rose buds and longer stems. The water cooling technique gives growers more control over the environment, enabling them to create the ideal conditions for growing roses in a greenhouse.

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Water cooling solution for floriculture

More light directly results in higher yields, but artificial lighting also produces heat. The buds of ornamental crops can’t develop optimally when it’s too hot in the greenhouse. This is one of the reasons why there are still many unlit greenhouses in floriculture. Rose, tulip, gerbera and chrysanthemum growers want more light but without the heat. Oreon’s water-cooled LED grow lights are the answer. The heat from the lamps is carried out of the greenhouse by water. The climate in the greenhouse remains stable and the extracted heat can be reused later. This innovative technology enables us to fit more single LEDs into each fixture, so that a higher light output can be achieved with fewer fixtures while maintaining high light uniformity.

More benefits of water cooling
More light, without the heat."
LED grow lights for floriculture
Better rooting, faster growth and higher quality."
LED grow lights for floriculture

Improve propagation with Embrace

Strong propagation is essential for a healthy crop. Oreon’s multi-layer fixture Embrace has an adjustable spectrum that can be adapted to every growing stage of the plant. These dynamic spectra make it easier to control your plants, resulting in better rooting, faster growth and higher quality, compact plants. Embrace has an extremely wide beam angle with high light uniformity even when the available height is limited. Because these fixtures are water-cooled, the grow area doesn’t heat up and the climate stays stable.

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Rose grower Ascania

Ukraine’s largest rose grower Ascania grows about 220,000 roses a day, 95% of which are for the domestic market. They do so using state-of-the-art cultivation techniques, including Oreon LED grow lights since October 2020. In a hybrid lighting configuration with HPS and water-cooled LED fixtures, Ascania was able to increase the light intensity by 30%, which resulted in 30% higher yields. Their light intensity was previously limited by the heat from the HPS lamps, but with water-cooled LEDs they can run the lights for 20 hours a day. A specially designed rose spectrum has ensured better crop development with improved quality.

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Increasing the light intensity by 30%, resulted in 30% higher yields."
LED grow lights for floriculture

Growing flowers and potted plants under LED lights or hybrid lighting?

Growing flowers and potted plants under LED lights or hybrid lighting?

If you decide to start using artificial lighting for floriculture, the options are: a hybrid solution, 100% HPS or a full LED solution. The payback time and investment costs are different in each case. A substantially higher light level over your crop can be achieved with hybrid or full LED. A hybrid solution offers the benefits of both LED and HPS if electricity costs are low. A full LED installation is a great solution when your electricity costs are high.

Naturally, how fast you recoup your investments depends on the size of your greenhouse, the extra yields you achieve and the quality of the crop. 

Water cooling brings an extra benefit for crops that can’t tolerate too much heat. With roses, for example, overly high temperatures have a negative effect on plant and flower development. With Oreon’s water-cooled fixtures, you can light the crop for 20 hours a day. The water cooling system ensures a stable growing climate, even when screens are closed.

If you’d like more information, please contact us. We can also calculate the maximum light intensity that can be achieved in your greenhouse if there’s only a limited amount of electricity available. 

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