Oreon produces and develops highly efficient and sustainable LED grow lights, specifically for greenhouse horticulture and vertical & indoor farming.

Both top lights and multi-layer lights operate on an active water cooling which ensures that the fixtures, leds and electronics are continuously cooled. This results in a stable cultivation climate and a longer lifespan. The water cooling technology makes it possible to reuse the extracted heat. 

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The multi-layer LED fixture Embrace has been specifically developed for vertical & indoor farming. In multi-layer cultivation heat and humidity are very important: an actively water-cooled LED fixture offers the solution for a stable growing climate.

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This latest Dutch Powerhouse of Oreon produces a light output up to 3700 μmol/s at 1010 W with an efficiency of 3.7 μmol/J. This makes the Monarch the smallest and most powerful LED fixture available in the market.

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The Dutch Powerhouse Empress is available in various light spectra with a wide or narrow beam angle: this means that the most optimal light uniformity can be achieved for every type of crop.

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DISCLAIMER: Lemnis Oreon B.V. offers water-cooled LED grow lights for horticultural and indoor growing facilities. As far as solutions for cannabis production are concerned, Lemnis Oreon B.V. only supplies in countries where the cultivation of cannabis is legalized and the customers are licensed as defined by local laws. Lemnis Oreon B.V. might verify these licenses.