Oreon produces and develops highly efficient and sustainable LED grow lights, especially for greenhouse horticulture. Every crop has its own assimilation lighting needs. Thanks to years of knowledge and experience in this industry, we can develop the perfect light recipe with you. View below the crops that are suitable for LED lighting and the solutions that Oreon can offer.

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Leafy vegetables

Leafy vegetables demand perfect control over light and temperature. Light can be dosed perfectly with a few fixtures on a trellis. Extracted heat from the water cooling, can be reused under the crop.


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With LED lighting the production increases and the quality is improved."
LED lighting ensures high quality tomatoes year-round."

High-wire crops

LED fixtures cooled by water are perfectly suitable for high-wire crops in combination with HPS lighting. Growers can maintain a longer lighting duration and achieve higher light intensities within the same power.

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With a custom-made light spectrum, the most optimal light can be given regardless of the climate in the greenhouse. Better climate control means a qualitatively and quantitatively better crop.

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With the right spectrum, you can grow a beautiful product year-round."
A better climate control ensures reliable and steady sales to customers."

Soft fruit

With the LED lighting you can grow tasty and full-colored soft fruit all year round in a greenhouse. In summer, the top lights can achieve a faster 'cold night' with a full LED or hybrid installation in the greenhouse, because excessive heat can be removed from the greenhouse thanks to the active water cooling of the LED grow lights.

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Extreme high lighting levels can be accomplished with water-cooled LED fixtures, while the growing facility or greenhouse does not suffer from heat radiation. With Oreon’s LED lights, you can set the perfect conditions to get the right spectrum and amount of light for each phase of growth.

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A constant high quality product under LED and massive savings on energy costs."

DISCLAIMER: Lemnis Oreon offers water-cooled LED grow lights for horticultural and indoor growing facilities. As far as solutions for cannabis production are concerned, Lemnis Oreon only supplies in countries where the cultivation of cannabis is legalized and the customers are licensed as defined by local laws. Lemnis Oreon might verify these licenses.