Grow high quality crops year round with greenhouse LED lighting.

With water cooled LED grow lights it is possible! The water-cooling system is unique and ensures that the heat from the fixtures immediately exits the greenhouse. As a result, the ambient temperature remains constant and there is no need to vent, so no CO2 gets lost. Water-cooling ensures that growers get more control over the cultivation climate in the greenhouse.

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Oreon produces and develops highly efficient and sustainable greenhouse LED grow lights, especially for greenhouse horticulture.

The unique water-cooled concept ensures that the greenhouse LED grow lights and the electronics are continuously cooled, regardless of the ambient temperature in the greenhouse. As a result, the lamp always performs optimally and the lifespan of the components is extended. In addition, the housing of the greenhouse LED lights is made of high-quality and robust materials, which also results in a very long lifespan. The water cooling enables the smallest fixture on the market to generate the highest output.

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