Plant propagation lighting

Plant propagation lighting

The early vegetative stage in a plant’s growing cycle is essential for the rest of a plant’s life cycle. Oreon’s multilayer fixture Embrace enables you to set the perfect growing conditions for the growing phase the plant is in.

The growing cycle is shaped in this first stage and influences the whole growing process. A strong foundation is valuable and can make or break the quality of your crop. To ensure a strong foundation, you can provide the plants with propagation lighting. The supplemental lighting allows you to generate faster and consistent crop cycles, with improved root structure and quality. 

A well-known propagation technique is adding additional lightning during the propagation phase. This enables you to provide the seedlings or cuttings with a consistent temperature and to vary with different light spectrums. The biggest benefit of using cultivation LED lights for greenhouse propagation is that you can provide your plants with the right amount of light, which is essential during the vegetative stage. You are no longer dependent on the season and the amount and intensity of sunlight: using plant propagation lighting enables a high quality crop all year round!

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Propagation horticulture for different crops

The right light spectrum

Every stage of a plant’s growing process has its own lighting requirements, and the vegetation stage is no exception. Nevertheless, the seedlings or cuttings need some extra attention. Plants need two types of light: blue light to promote foliage growth and red light to promote flowering and fruiting. However, seeds need to germinate under red light when the first leaves appear. You should provide young plants with the right light spectrum to foster photosynthesis and guarantee a high quality crop. Oreon’s multi-layer fixtures enable you to work with the perfect light spectrum the vegetation stage requires, because the fixture light can be dimmable and the spectrum can be adjusted at any time.

Seeds need to germinate under red light when the first leaves appear"
Plant propagation lighting
The lights won’t heat up the crops and the climate becomes stable."
Plant propagation lighting

Energy and cost savings

If you use Oreon’s multi-layer fixtures for plant propagation lighting, you’ll save energy and costs. Not only because you’ll need less lights to light up the growing area, because of the wide radiation pattern. But also because the fixtures are actively water-cooled, so the heat the fixtures produce is taken away from the growing area and stored separately. You’ll get control over the temperature in your growing area because the lights won’t heat up the crops and the excessive heat won’t heat the premises. This results in lower energy consumption and in lower energy costs as well.

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Get full control throughout the year

LED grow lights enable you to manage the lighting hours, light intensity and temperature. In other words, it enables you to set the perfect growing conditions the phase of the plant requires. The Dutch Powerhouse Embrace gives you the power to get full control of the growing process, regardless of the type of crop and time of year. You’re no longer dependent on the season: you can initiate the growing cycle any time you want.

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The Dutch Powerhouse Embrace gives you the power to get full control of the growing process."
Plant propagation lighting

Why you should use Oreon’s cultivation LED lights

Why you should use Oreon’s cultivation LED lights

Oreon’s multi-layer fixture Embrace is designed for close to crop lighting, which is especially useful for propagation techniques. The fixture enables close to crop lighting to ensure the seedling gets the right amount of lighting. Cuttings need a light recipe that empowers the seed to germinate under red lights. The spectrum of the lights in the multi-layer fixture can be adjusted throughout the whole growing process, which gives you full control over the light output. 

The biggest advantage of the multi-layer fixture Embrace is the water cooling. The heat is taken away from the fixtures, so it won’t affect the crops or the temperature in the growing area. Additionally, the fixtures come with wide beam optics, which results not only in a high light uniformity, but also in lower investment as you’ll need less fixtures in your greenhouse for propagation installation. The Dutch Powerhouse Embrace is also suitable for indoor and vertical farming

Investing extra time and effort in the vegetation phase with cultivation LED lights, will result in a high quality crop with a well-developed root system. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions or if you’d like a custom-made light plan for the multi-layer fixtures.

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