Soft fruit

Soft fruit

With the LED lighting you can grow tasty and full-colored soft fruit all year round in a greenhouse. In summer, the top lights can achieve a faster 'cold night' with a full LED or hybrid installation in the greenhouse, because excessive heat can be removed from the greenhouse thanks to the active water-cooling of the LED grow lights.

Various types of Oreon LED top lights can be used to grow soft fruit, such as strawberries. The multi-layer fixture is very suitable for the propagation and early growth of cutting material. The correct proportions of blue, red and far-red light ensure the most optimal growth of flowers and fruits.

When cleaning the greenhouse, growers do not have to worry about removing the lighting fixtures due to the IP67 rating. In addition, the lifespan is extended by the water-cooling. The fixtures are virtually maintenance free for more than 5 years.

Various LED grow lights of Oreon can be used for growing soft fruits. View the properties of the LED fixtures below. You can contact us for more information or request a light plan.

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