LED grow lights for tomatoes

Oreon has developed a light fixture specifically for growing tomatoes indoors with LED lights. More light directly results in a higher yield, but lights also produce heat. The crop can be damaged when more HPS lights are used and it gets too hot as a result. Oreon’s LED grow lights for tomatoes operate on active water cooling. This means that the heat the fixtures produce, is transported away from the fixture and out of the greenhouse. This innovative technology enables to fit more leds in one fixture, so that a higher light output can be achieved with fewer fixtures.

The Monarch is an LED fixture with an output of 3700 μmol/s and 1010 W. This means that this fixture can actually replace an HPS fixture with the same cabling. Consequently, you have 80% more light on your crop and therefore also 80% more yield compared to a 1000 W HPS grow light, with the same energy consumption. Or you save 50% on your energy costs with the same light intensity.

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LED grow lights for tomatoes with water cooling

Our LED grow lights for tomatoes work with active water cooling. The excessive heat is taken away from the fixture and stored outside the greenhouse. The heat won’t affect the temperature inside your greenhouse, resulting in a constant temperature that is perfect for tomatoes. Since the heat won’t rise to the top of the greenhouse, ventilation requirements are reduced which takes away the unnecessary loss of CO2.

More water cooling benefits
LED grow lights for tomatoes with active water cooling"
The tomatoes have more weight and a better flavor"

Why are LED grow lights beneficial for tomatoes?

The quality of your tomatoes will improve if you use LED grow lights for tomatoes with a customized spectrum. The right combination of red and blue LEDs provides faster ripening, higher yields and a more uniform plant balance. Furthermore, the tomatoes have more weight and a better flavor.

The experience of other tomato growers

Tom Lefevre from Hortipower uses Oreon’s LED grow lights for his tomatoes: “We are seeing more vital plants that are less sensitive to stress and more resistant to certain diseases, which means we actually have to use fewer resources. We are also seeing good Brix values that are nearing the levels we see in summer.”

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More light using the same power"

Growing tomatoes under LED lights or hybrid lighting?

Growing tomatoes under LED lights or hybrid lighting?

If you decide to start using artificial lighting for growing tomatoes, you can choose between a hybrid, 100% HPS or full LED solution. The payback time and investment costs are different for all solutions. Naturally, how fast you earn back your investments depends on the size of your greenhouse area, the extra yield and the quality of the crop. 

A substantially higher light level over your crop can be achieved with hybrid or full LED. A hybrid solution offers the benefits of both LED and HPS if the electricity costs are low. A full LED installation is a great solution when your electricity costs are high. If you’d like more information, please contact us. We can also calculate the maximum light intensity that can be achieved in your greenhouse if there’s only a limited amount of electricity available.


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