Benefits of water cooling

Benefits of water cooling

First things first: a fixture must be cooled to prevent overheating. If you don’t, it will affect the lifespan and light output of the lamp. Oreon is the only supplier that opts for water cooling because there are multiple benefits of water cooling. 

Suppliers of LED fixtures choose an active or a passive cooling system. The heat is removed from the lamp but what happens with it? With the water cooling technique of Oreon, the fixtures are constantly cooled with water and the gained heat can be reused because it is stored separately. Besides energy savings, this high-end solution therefore offers great water cooling advantages. Not only for the grower, but also for the field of sustainability.

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Heat is not the enemy!

One of the biggest advantages of a water cooling system is that the extracted heat can be reused. If you choose to cool the fixtures with a different cooling system, the heat is indeed removed from the fixture. But the heat will rise to the top of the greenhouse and it will warm the entire growing area. You need to vent once in a while to get rid of the heat in the top of the greenhouse. This will not only let the hot air escape, but CO2 as well. CO2 is essential for the crops to grow, so it’s undesirable to let it escape while venting. It also works the other way around: if you are in need of some heating premises or heating irrigation water, you’re fortunate to have some stored heat you can use! The option to reuse heat is only one of the benefits of water cooling.


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Don’t let heat and CO2 escape: reuse heat."
Benefits of water cooling
No blockage, oxidation and algae formation will occur with a water cooling system."
Benefits of water cooling

No maintenance, less chance of malfunction

A fixture with a traditional air cooling solution that uses a radiator fan, has a bigger chance of malfunctioning than an active water cooling system. Another benefit of water cooling! A fan moves, which will result in dirt getting between the moving parts. This needs maintenance. And if you have 3000 fixtures in your greenhouse, it takes a lot of time. It won’t occur with an active water-cooling system, because the water flows through a closed system with 25 liters per minute. No blockage, oxidation and algae formation. In addition, the fixtures are easy to clean with a high-pressure cleaner as the fixtures are IP67 certified.

Smallest fixture on the market

The smallest fixtures with the biggest water cooling advantages; meet Oreon’s LED grow lights. The compactness of the fixture produces only a small shade of shadow. In combination with the high light output, you’ll need less fixtures in your greenhouse. And the grower can take maximum advantage of the natural sunlight as well.

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A small fixture with a big advantage, due to water cooling."
Benefits of water cooling

The benefits of water cooling combined: the whole system

In summary: the biggest advantages of a water cooling system are the extension of the lifespan of the lights, the possibility to reuse the heat, the small size of the fixture and the absence of required maintenance.

We explained the benefits of water cooling, but there’s one additional benefit. If you buy Oreon’s greenhouse LED grow lights, you don’t only buy the lights, you buy the possibility to have full control of the climate in your greenhouse.

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