Curious what water-cooled LED's can do for your business? Get inspired! Below you can find a few or our projects.

Boer & Den Hoedt

Arjan Boer of the Boer & Den Hoedt lettuce farm in Ridderkerk has been using Oreon LED grow lights for years. As a result, he loses fewer plants and is able to deliver premium quality lettuce all year round, even in winter. "Our lettuce even tastes better than ever before."

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Lettuce illuminated by LED grows perfectly, the quality is better and the outburst decreases."
I could not believe the results, the basil showed such strength and resilience!"

De Kruidenaer

Basil grower De Kruidenaer has opted for a hybrid lighting system for their 1.4ha greenhouse. "The plants under the LED lighting grow very evenly and are super strong. You can see clearly how strong and resilient the basil is when they are removed from the pond. The total weight is clearly higher than under the HPS lamps “. - Owner Christ Monden.


Tomatoe grower RedStar uses hybrid lighting. HPS combined with water-cooled LED’s results in a lower energy consumption with a higher yield per micromole.

The yield has gone up, and the costs per kilo have reduced."
Cannabis grown under LED results in significantly higher active substances."


Together with Wageningen University we conducted a research into growing cannabis and investigated what the effects could be on the growth, development and relevant substances of medicinal cannabis. The new test results of this year's research will be published when the research is fully completed.