HortiDaily: New dynamic LED toplight launched

Oreon has introduced its new toplight, The Oreon Monarch 3-Channel LED. The 3-Channel combines high output and efficiency of the existing Monarch with spectral flexibility. 


"In addition to a dimmable, customer-specific spectrum, it is now also possible to adjust the composition of the chosen spectrum during cultivation. This provides the right spectrum, the right intensity at the right time of day," the Oreon team explains.

With the Monarch, it was already possible to fluctuate the intensity throughout the day. This allows growers to use the power of the sun, but to avoid hours when electricity prices are high.

With dynamic lighting, Oreon intends to respond to the need for different colors of light during the day or throughout the seasons. Whether it's adding far-red or increasing white light intensity, there are many possibilities.

The Monarch 3-Channel has a maximum input of 1260W. This power is variably distributed to 1, 2 or 3 channels. The main channel can convert a maximum of 1260W into light, the other two channels each have a maximum output of 140W. The spectrum of all channels can be determined by growers and each channel can be dimmed individually.
"Thanks to water cooling, high efficiency is maintained and significant savings can be made on energy costs. The high output means fewer lamps in the greenhouse and through water cooling, up to 30% of the energy (heat) can be reused."

The 3-Channel is controllable via the Oreon LED Control Center (OLCC™) and operates based on the industry-developed Horti Lighting Protocol (HLP). This combination controls lighting with unparalleled precision. A proven Bluetooth® SIG MESH network dynamically controls all lights in the greenhouse with infinite grouping options. This allows response to fluctuating lighting needs and energy rates. The OLCC™ also provides information on each individual lamp, such as temperature, voltage, and power consumption.

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HortiDaily: New dynamic LED toplight launched