Reduce your footprint and be sustainable. With LED lighting.

You want to grow more. Then choose change and a smart solution. Choose sustainability. Choose LED lighting. To reduce your footprint and get the most out of your crop.

How big is your footprint? The footprint is the space we use on Earth. That space is calculated on the basis of consumption. Everything you consume takes up space. Currently, people's average footprint is much larger than what Earth actually can offer. What can we do to keep this footprint as small as possible? What can we do to restore balance?

The water cooled Dutch Powerhouses from Oreon are extremely compact and considerably more durable than the traditional HPS lighting in a greenhouse. Size matters, also in this respect: the smalles ficture with the biggest impact on footprint reduction: the lamps last longer and cost less energy. In addition, the light sources do not have to be replaced annually, like with HPS. But what are other benefits? What about that footprint? And how does Oreon LED lighting compare to other LED suppliers? Read it below:

Reduce your footprint and be sustainable. With LED lighting.


Light output up to 3200 μMol/s. When a 1000W HPS lamp is replaced by the Monarch, a grower gets 60% more light on his crop. In addition, the lamp is >50% more efficient than the traditional HPS lamp. (1.7 μMol / J vs. 3.2 μMol / J).


Thanks to the fixture's compact design, natural sunlight can be used optimally.


Throughout the year you can grow faster and with better quality thanks to LED lighting. This means less loss and less waste.


Due to the water-cooling, the LED fixture gives off less heat, the temperature in the greenhouse remains constant and there is no need to vent so that CO2 is lost unnecessarily.


The dissipated heat can be reused at another time in various ways; for example between the crop, in hydrophonic ponds or be stored underground.


Thanks to the active water cooling, the lamp does not heat up and the LEDs and electrical parts last longer.

This is how our unique water-cooling technique works:



Arjan Boer of the FromBoer (before Boer den Hoedt) lettuce farm in Ridderkerk has been using Oreon LED grow lights for years. As a result, he loses fewer plants and is able to deliver premium quality lettuce all year round, even in winter. "Our lettuce even tastes better than ever before."

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Lettuce illuminated by LED grows perfectly, the quality is better and the outburst decreases."

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