New: Commander

New: Commander

New: Commander

The COMMANDER responds to the demand for Oreon’s quality fixtures without external water cooling. Heat management is essential in LED lighting and the combined technology results in 'the next level' LED grow light that rivals the water cooled LED fixtures in terms of performance and reliability.

Hybrid cooling technology

The cooling fins of the COMMANDER have an integrated cooling system, the open structure of the cooling fins allows air cooling to do its job optimally. The hybrid cooling technology ensures a highly effective heat distribution. The result of this hybrid cooling technology is a fixture with an output of almost 7000 micromol/s at 1800 watts. This means an efficiency of 3.9 micromol/J at 100% power.

The high light output enables growers to light their greenhouses with fewer fixtures, making the COMMANDER a cost-effective LED solution. A specially developed LED ensures uniform light distribution even in high-wire crops.

The COMMANDER is custom-made: 2 to 4 separately controllable channels and power outputs of 1050, 1170, 1400 and 1800W. In addition, the grower determines his desired spectrum. This makes the fixture suitable for all crops and usable in both retrofit and new installations.


The Oreon LED Control Center (OLCC™), a proven Bluetooth® SIG MESH network, dynamically controls all lamps and offers growers infinite flexibility in grouping. The OLCC provides information about each individual lamp such as temperature, voltage and power consumption. In the future, it will be possible to add sensors to an individual lamp.


New: Commander


The light output of the Commander goes up to 7000 μmol/s.


Hybrid cooling ensures an efficacy up to 3.9 μmol/J at full power.


The Commander has a custom-made power input up to 1800W.


Hybrid cooling technology with passively cooled fins.


Custom-made with 1 to 4 separately controllable channels.


Controllability by a proven Bluetooth® SIG MESH network (HLP).


  • DYNAMIC LIGHTINGSpectral flexibility
  • CHANNELS1, 2, 3 or 4 channels
  • DIMMABLEEach channel is individually dimmable
  • POWERMaximum input of 1800W
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURESuitable for greenhouse environments up to 45°C | 113°F
  • SENSOR READYPossible to add to individual lamp
  • CONTROLLABILITYVia OLCC™ and HLP compatible
  • NETWORKBluetooth® SIG MESH
  • EXTRACTED DATATemperature, voltage, power consumption

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