VerticalFarmingToday: Embrace XL, Oreon’s new water-cooled multilayer LED fixture

Earlier this year, Oreon, the Dutch developer and manufacturer of high-end LED grow lights for greenhouse horticulture, introduced a new multilayer LED fixture called Embrace XL. It has been specially developed for vertical and indoor farming. The firm says the new fixture is efficient, robust, and flexible – all without direct heat radiation and with perfect light distribution.

At a time when energy costs are proving to be a prohibitive barrier to the profitable advancement of high-tech vertical and indoor farming, Oreon is pleased to have developed their new water-cooled multilayer LED fixture, it can be installed in any rack system. Thanks to a combination of 2 types of reflectors the Embrace XL maintains the highest efficiency and perfect uniformity. This means optimal lighting on the cultivation bed with hardly any loss of light at the edges.

The new multilayer LED fixture Embrace XL from Oreon will be introduced at Greentech in Amsterdam from Tuesday 13 June to Thursday 15 June at stand 01.632 in hall 1.

Active water cooling

The heat between the cultivation layers and the increasing humidity form a major challenge for a stable cultivation climate. The water-cooled Embrace XL has an external driver and therefore has no influence on the climate between the cultivation layers. This results in fewer temperature fluctuations as well as stable humidity and CO2 values.

In addition, the active water cooling ensures a low operating temperature of the lamp, which benefits the climate, the light output, and the lifespan of the electronics and LEDs. The heat from the fixtures (LEDs also produce heat in addition to light) is removed from the growing climate by water cooling. This heat can be reused sustainably at any location.

Light uniformity

The Embrace XL has an extremely high light uniformity (>90%) due to the positioning of the LEDs and the various integrated reflectors. The result is uniform illumination of a large area, even at the edges of the growing area. The Embrace XL has a light output of up to 824 μmol/s and an efficiency of 3.8 μmol/J (which can go up to 4.0 μmol/J at 50% dim level). Thanks to the length of the fixture (2.13 m), considerably fewer fixtures need to be installed. All this results in an efficient lighting method, providing more uniform light with lower energy consumption.

Dynamically adjustable spectrum

The Embrace XL can be controlled via the Oreon LED Control Center, which is a wireless control functionality that is compatible with a climate computer. This makes it possible to set the spectrum and light intensity dynamically in an infinite number of groups (and therefore controllable per layer). This not only results in a higher quality and quantity of the crop, but also contributes to efficient and sustainable cultivation in a controlled climate.

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VerticalFarmingToday: Embrace XL, Oreon’s new water-cooled multilayer LED fixture
VerticalFarmingToday: Embrace XL, Oreon’s new water-cooled multilayer LED fixture