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Oreon introduces the Dutch Powerhouse Embrace
The first water-cooled multi-layer LED-fixture

Early and full growth requires optimal conditions, maximum care and attention.
Embrace the new multi-layer LED fixture from Oreon. 
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High light uniformity

The Dutch Powerhouse Embrace ensures high light uniformity thanks to its wide beam optics and the unique position of the light sources. This delivers uniform light over a large surface area, and fewer fixtures are needed. The Embrace is suitable for lighting crops with an available height of as little as 35 cm. With its high light output (of up to 700 μmol/s), the Embrace is also the most economic solution for systems with more available height.

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Climate Control

The multi-layer lighting market is evolving rapidly as more and more growers recognize the added value of this sustainable and efficient cultivation method. But the heat between the layers and the rising relative humidity (RH) form a major challenge to growers aiming for a stable climate. The water-cooled Embrace from Oreon provides a welcome solution: less radiant heat means fewer temperature fluctuations, resulting in stable RH and CO2 levels. The active water cooling also keeps the fixture at a low operating temperature, which benefits both the light output and the lifespan of the electronics and LEDs.

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Dynamically adjustable spectrum

The Embrace can be equipped with a control functionality which enables the spectrum and light intensity to be adjusted dynamically. The grower can change the spectrum and the amount of light on the crop at any time. This not only improves crop quality but also helps achieve an efficient, sustainable growth in a controlled climate.

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The Embrace is available in 4 hardware variants (R/W, R/B, R/W/FR, R/B/FR). Depending on the chosen spectrum, the light output goes up to 700 μmol/s. The Oreon multi-layer LED fixture features all the qualities and properties that make Oreon LED top lights so successful: the robust design, the glass LED cover, IP67, the low operating temperature and the ease of maintenance. The Embrace is suitable for voltages from 230 to 480 VAC, making the lamp suitable for all types of electrical systems.

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