Slamotra BVBA chooses water-cooled LED-fixtures

To meet increasing market demands Slamotra BVBA expanded their production of lettuce in 2016. They increased their existing 1-hectare greenhouse with lettuce on water to three hectares in total.


The Belgian company, situated in Kruibeke, has been focusing on growing lettuce for many years. Grower Franky Hens: “We used to grow lettuce in full soil in our greenhouses. This way of growing is highly labour-intensive. Besides that we wanted to use less crop protection.  This led to both growing on water and the expansion.

The choice for water-cooled led was based on our very positive experience of Oreon Grow Lights in our cultivation greenhouse.

Light as it is meant to

The Oreon Grow Light 2.1 was designed as it should be in horticulture: A compact fixture with a high light output. The water-cooled LED fixture with its perfect light distribution is mounted on the trusses resulting in minimal shading. Doing this it allows the grower to make maximum use of natural daylight. Hens: “We had great experience with the Oreon LEDs in the cultivation greenhouse; the trustworthiness and lifespan of the lamp housing as well as the water cooling were very good. Moreover, lighting the crops with LEDs comes with plenty of quality advantages for the crops. Using the Oreon Grow Lights results in better colors, firm heads and a better taste. As a result of the healthy lettuce we can use less crop protection products.”

Sustainables extras

Because the LEDs are water cooled in a closed circuit, the generated heat can be collected and re-used. The heat is used underneath the gutters to effectively improve the microclimate around the crops. A very sustainable solution. All energy is used effectively. 

Since the beginning of this season the complete energy balance at Slamotra is monitored by the research station in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. The first results are promising.

Indagro, the trusted supplier of Slamotra in Belgium, delivered the complete water- and electrical installation.“It has been a very good and intense cooperation of Slamotra, Indagro and Oreon. Franky and Kirsten are very experienced and passionate growers and entrepreneurs, which is great to work with. It’s been a pleasure for Oreon to be part of a promising project like this, where thousands of fresh lettuces are harvested every day.” said Michiel de Jong of Oreon.

Slamotra BVBA chooses water-cooled LED-fixtures
Slamotra BVBA chooses water-cooled LED-fixtures