Photographer takes to the sky to capture Hollands' LED greenhouses

German aerial photographer Tom Hegen has dedicated his craft to exploring the impact that humans have on the natural world. For better or worse, his work shows how we have shaped the environment and made changes that are often irreparable. His latest journey into the sky saw him photographing Holland’s LED greenhouses, which have allowed The Netherlands to remain a formidable force in food production and export.

By photographing these glowing giants, Hegen shows the beauty and mystery of this technology. As he is quick to remind us, most people don’t realize where their food is actually coming from or stop to ponder why they are able to suddenly eat strawberries year-round. In taking to the sky, Hegen reveals a not-so-secret secret that is having a huge impact on how the world eats.

The photographs themselves are an artistic look at the structures, remaining neutral in their judgment. Beautifully framed, each image is a masterful look at a landscape artificially shaped by humans. The series is an extension of Hegen searching into the Anthropocene, a proposed geological era that marks man’s significant impact on the Earth’s geology and ecosystem.

We had a chance to speak with Hegen about LED greenhouses and their role in the world’s food chain, as well as his experience photographing this new technology. Read on for My Modern Met’s exclusive interview.

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Text: My Modern Met
Photo: Tom Hegen