Oreon supplies LED to medical cannabis grower Medican in Denmark

Oreon is to supply LED fixtures to Danish medicinal cannabis grower Medican. Denmark legalized the cultivation of medicinal cannabis in 2018. Immediately following the announcement of the legalization, 22 growers applied for a license. Medican is new to the market and will illuminate with LED lighting; the fixtures have already been delivered and will be put into use this year.

Cannabis is a crop that thrives perfectly under LED lighting and can withstand an extremely high light level. Thanks to the active water-cooling of Oreon’s LED grow lights, the fixtures can contain more LEDs and these high light levels can be achieved with fewer fixtures in the greenhouse. Cannabis needs a tremendous amount of light, but is less happy with too much heat. The water-cooling system immediately directs the heat away from the greenhouse, so that the greenhouse heats up less quickly and the grower has extra control over the temperature in the greenhouse. The use of LED lighting and the reuse of heat also results in less power consumption.

A custom-made lighting recipe has been put together for Medican. The requirements of the grower/cultivator were taken into account, but also the geographical location of the cultivation location. This custom-made lighting recipe results in optimal use of energy. It also contributes to a qualitative and quantitative improvement of the end product.

Denmark is not the only country demanding Oreon’s LED lighting. Due to the legalization of the cultivation of medical cannabis, Oreon is seeing increasing interest in its water cooled fixtures in many more European countries.

Oreon supplies LED to medical cannabis grower Medican in Denmark