Oreon participates in 'Liquid cooled LED lighting workshop' by the Resource Innovation Institute

On October 29th, the Resource Innovation Institute held a technology workshop on liquid cooled LED lighting.


The workshop was held in partnership with the Design Lights Consortium (DLC) and the American Society for Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE), and moderated by Lighting Design Lab. Three liquid cooled LED manufacturers emphasized the benefits of these grow lights for the horticulture.

Oreon’s CTO, Twan Mennink, spoke about energy savings. On how a liquid-cooled LED lighting technology, connected to hydronic HVAC systems, can save energy; when a room doesn't heat up, it doesn't need to cool down. Twan made a calculation on annual total HVAC energy savings per fixture: OpEx + CapEx. The slide deck with these calculations is available online (page 21-24); read more at this link. If you missed the workshop, you can re-watch the video recordinganytime on Zoom.

Oreon is honored and proud to be considered an expert in this field with Twan’s contribution to this LED lighting workshop of the renowned Resource Innovation Institute. We are thrilled about the huge number of positive responses we received after the workshop and will continue to work hard on satisfying our customers.