Oreon installs LED lighting at PSKW for innovation project 'Utilization of low-value heat'

With the unique water-cooling technology, the Oreon Grow Lights make a sustainable contribution to the innovation project "Utilization of low-value heat". The research at the ‘Proefstation voor de Groenteteelt’ (Belgian Research Facility for Growing Vegetable) is part of the Interreg project "Glitch".

For years, growers have been using the optimum light recipe and climate that water-cooled LED fixtures provide for growing lettuce in mobile gutter systems.


The water-cooling of the LED fixtures allows the heat to be led away from the lamp and can be reused where it is needed. Windows do not have to open as often, so there is less loss of CO2. As a result, light and heat are controlled separately and ensures that the grower has better control over the climate in the greenhouse.


Oreon has been working with research facility PSKW on various projects for several years. Oreon's International Sales Manager Wouter Staats: “We believe in an innovative and climate-neutral future for greenhouse horticulture and are therefore happy to contribute to this research. Our collaboration with PSKW is a valuable addition to our advice to the grower.”