MMJDaily: 9-acres greenhouse expansion with water-cooled LEDs

Within a year after the start of the first cultivation, the successful cannabis grower Medisun from Ontario is expanding again by more than 9 acres. As in phase 1, Medisun has opted for water-cooled LED fixtures from Oreon. “This LED lighting offers exactly what we need,” according to Laust Dam, COO of Medisun. “The lamps provide a lot and uniform light and cause minimal shading. In addition, the climate in the greenhouse remains stable thanks to the water-cooling. This lighting contributes to a good and high-quality harvest every time and that is what it is all about. The renewed choice for Oreon was therefore quickly made".

Medisun chose JV Energy (a subsidiary of Dutch company Voshol Warmte- en Electrotechniek) from Kingsville (ON) for the installation. "We now have a lot of experience with the installation of Oreon's fixtures," says Henry Friesen, Project Manager of JV Energy from Ontario. “Both in Europe and here in Canada we have already installed the Oreon fixtures for various customers. That experience and the use of the right materials ensure a good and fast installation”.
"Of course I am proud of the renewed choice of Medisun for Oreon lamps," says Arnold de Kievit, sales manager North America of Oreon. “When a customer chooses Oreon, you are happy, but when expansion is made shortly after the first harvests and the customer chooses our lamps again, you know that the lamps and we as an organization have met expectations. Medisun is a great company and a true ambassador for our lighting in North America.”

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MMJDaily: 9-acres greenhouse expansion with water-cooled LEDs