Marijuana Venture: Product Spotlight - Oreon Monarch

According to lighting manufacturer Oreon, the newest model in its Dutch Powerhouse line is the most compact and powerful LED fixture in the market.

The Monarch produces a light output of up to 3,100 micormoles per second, with an efficiency of 3.1 micromoles per joule. Oreon's unique water-cooling technique enables the Monarch to achieve its light output at an energy consumption of 1,010 watts, allowing growers to use more light and fewer fixtures, while the compact size minimizes sunlight being blocked in the greenhouse.

Plus, the water-cooling system provides benefits for the climate in the greenhouse: less radiant heat means fewer temperature fluctuations, resulting in stable humidity and CO2 values. The active water-cooling ensures a low operating temperature for the lamp, benefiting both the light output and the lifespan of the
electronics and LEDs.

The Monarch operates at voltages from 200 to 480 VAC, making it suitable for all types of electrical installations. The Monarch is available immediately in any desired light spectrum and can be supplied with a wide or narrow beam angle.

This Product Spotlight appeared in Marijuana Venture of April 2020.
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Marijuana Venture: Product Spotlight - Oreon Monarch
Marijuana Venture: Product Spotlight - Oreon Monarch