In our newsletter of May, Canadian cannabis grower Medisun Inc. fills us in on how business has been in Southern Ontario. As an ‘essential business’, they have been in full production throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.


Medisun is growing cannabis since early 2000. We started growing of industrial hemp over 2,300 acres of land. In 2005 we build a greenhouse on this very same ground and since then we’ve expanded to 13 acres (5Ha) and in 2018/19 all 13 acre was fully licenced to produce cannabis to the legal Canadian cannabis market.

Nowadays, the market is asking for diversification when it comes to what genetics we can deliver. The challenge is great in respect to finding and sourcing these genetics and then learn to grow them in an optimum way. We went from growing two genetics, to now having 15 different genetics in our perpetual grow operation.

This year, we also have a big focus on our THC levels. The marked demands are to have dry flowers of over 20% THC. We need to be capable to deliver that, which for us as greenhouse producer, is a huge challenge. Choice of the right genetics is priority no 1, but also a steady and full controllable climate plays a huge role for higher potency of our products.

Winter ‘20/’21 and spring ‘21 have been giving us some good growing weather with lots of natural light. So in combination with our installed Oreon LED lights, we have been capable to maintain very good quality. We’ve noticed the time of flowering is 5-7 days shorter than with HPS, HTC levels are higher (2-4%) and yields are 10% greater. The LED lights give us short and more compact crops and enables us to shorten crop sequences and complete one extra cycle per year.

Laust Dam - CCO of Medisun Inc.