LED'S.TALK.BUSINESS. with Brimmers

In our newsletter of May, German lettuce grower Brimmers Gartenbau gives us an insight on their innovative and sustainable lettuce cultivation techniques.


Family business Brimmers started nearly 100 years ago and transformed from animal husbandry to vegetable growing. We are specialized in the production of fresh salads and aim to deliver the best quality to our consumers. We were one of the first to use the innovative technique of hydroponics for lettuce production in Germany. 

In our greenhouse we supplement sunlight with the energy-saving LED lights of Oreon. This ensures us to be completely independent from the weather. The installation of the simple water-cooling we did ourselves and we use the excessive heat from the LED fixtures, to heat our greenhouse.

With the use of state -of-the-art technologies like hydroponics and LED lighting in our greenhouses, we save on water, energy and recourses. We strongly believe that is the future of protected cultivation. By using Oreon lamps we not only save costs, but we also contribute to the sustainability of our company.

Heinrich Brimmers - Owner of Brimmer Gartenbau.


LED'S.TALK.BUSINESS. with Brimmers
LED'S.TALK.BUSINESS. with Brimmers