Installation of Monarch fixtures in sustainable 'Clima Greenhouse' From Boer completed

In October, the ultramodern and energy-efficient lettuce greenhouse of From Boer (formerly Boer Den Hoedt) in Dinteloord was completed.



The "Dutch Powerhouse Monarch" is a compact and efficient LED fixture for horticulture. With the high light output, fewer lamps need to be installed, resulting in less shade in the greenhouse and lower costs. In addition, the water-cooling technology offers the possibility to reuse the heat dissipated from the lamps, which contributes to optimal energy consumption.


From Boer is one of the first growers to install the newest LED fixture from Oreon. Thanks to the active water-cooling, the heat which is produced by the fixtures, is directly extracted out of the fixtures and out of the greenhouse. The gained heat is reused by From Boer to heat the greenhouse during colder periods. The water-cooling also contributes to a longer lifespan of the fixtures and leds and to a stable greenhouse climate.

Installation of LED fixtures

The complete heat installation in the greenhouse and the installation of the Monarch fixtures and its water-cooling was carried out by Voshol Warmte- en Elektrotechniek. Voshol has been a partner of Oreon from the very beginning and has installed Oreon's LED fixtures for many projects over the years.

In the new Clima greenhouse the lettuce is grown in 2 layers, in the bottom layer the cultivation of the lettuce takes place, in the top layer the more mature lettuce plants grow, which are illuminated with LED lighting from Oreon. The installation of the fixtures was therefore slightly different than normal: a specially build bridge made it possible to work above the 1st layer. This ensured a smooth and quick completion of the installation of the water-cooling and LED fixtures.

Installation of Monarch fixtures in sustainable 'Clima Greenhouse' From Boer completed