HortiDaily: Belgian strawberry grower goes for hybrid lighting in new greenhouse

Belgian strawberry grower Jacobs-Braspenning has been a household name for years when it comes to strawberry cultivation. For the new greenhouse that is currently being built in Meerle, Pieter Jacobs has chosen the new LED fixture ‘Monarch’ from Oreon. Jacobs was looking for a hybrid lighting solution: The Monarch in combination with HPS provides a perfect distribution and light uniformity for his crop.


The new Monarch is compact and delivers 3100 μMol/s. For Jacobs this results in fewer fixtures, lower installation costs and less shadow. Additionally, the water-cooling ensures a stable greenhouse environment and a longer lifspan. "An efficient and sustainable solution", Jacobs said. Investment costs are also a lot lower because the Monarch can illuminate a larger area thanks to the high light output and the ‘wide beam’ radiation pattern.

Pieter is assisted by Indagro Lighting for the installation of the fixtures and its water-cooling. Indagro Lighting has installed the fixtures of Oreon several times in both Europe and North America and has become an expert in this field. "In the meantime, in collaboration with suppliers, we have simplified the installation of the Oreon lamps in such a way that there is almost no difference anymore with the installation of non-water cooled lamps”, said Erik Creve, director of Indagro Lighting.

Oreon is looking forward to collaborating with Jacobs-Braspenning and Indagro Lighting. “Pieter is a very experienced grower and enthusiastic entrepreneur and Oreon appreciates the opportunity to provide his lighting solution. We are proud that with the Monarch we will contribute to a year-round production process of Jacobs-Braspenning", said Oreon’s International Sales Manager Arnold de Kievit.

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