Henk is always looking for ways to improve things

”I really love solving puzzles. The more complicated, the better.” Henk Eleveld is Manager of Production and Quality at Oreon. ”On my first day, I had already noticed that I couldn’t improve much on our product itself, but there’s so much more to it than just the quality of the product alone.


At Oreon, Henk feels right at home. Of course, he has his regular duties, but he also has the freedom to go and do his own research. Finding any irregularities, and in particular solving problems, that's what Henk likes to do. ”My job ultimately includes the entire operational process: from the arrival of all the parts and communication with suppliers, to the final assembly. Every step in the process is closely monitored.

“The entire process is nailed down in meticulous detail, but the lights eventually end up in an installation with all kinds of components that together determine the results for the end user and the crop – like the voltage, water, and the general conditions in the greenhouse. The lights are a part of this interrelationship, and in this, too, we keep learning and improving.”

High scientific level

Before he joined Oreon, Henk worked in railway freight and trained at the Ministry of Defense. A completely different world, but they have a lot in common when it comes to his personal skills. ”I love learning. Greenhouse horticulture is new to me, as is LED technology. I work closely with our staff in the R&D department and I learn more every day. This is going on at a high scientific level, so understanding it completely isn’t my goal. But I do want to master the basics so that I can always contribute to the whole picture. I’m studying that now.”

What to do

For him the challenge is to streamline the process even further. “What if there are recurring breakdowns? Is that because of us, the installation or other variables? I like that kind of detective work: it's the challenge of finding what variable is causing that malfunction, and then removing it and solving the problem. Just "putting out fires" wouldn't be for me; solving the underlying, broader problem together with all the stakeholders is the challenge I enjoy most.”

Henk is always looking for ways to improve things