Extra Monarch fixtures at Jacobs-Braspenning

Flemish strawberry grower Jacobs-Braspenning is so pleased with their modern greenhouse in Meerle, Belgium with its new Monarch fixtures from Oreon, that they have already ordered additional fixtures for it.


They recently installed these themselves, with the help of Erik Creve from Indagro Lighting BVBA. The materials for the installation are supplied ready-to-use, making it just a matter of "plug and play." The fixtures are therefore operational in no time once they arrive on site. 

Pieter Jacobs of Jacobs-Braspenning is “proud” of the installation of the lights, and he is very pleased with the quality of his strawberries. The fact that these compact fixtures create only a minimal shading effect in the greenhouse is an enormous added value. The sun can now shine directly on considerably more strawberries during the day.

The Jacobs-Braspenning greenhouse is brand new. They had been looking for a hybrid lighting solution, and found it in the Monarch, in combination with HPS. The Monarch is a compact fixture that provides up to 3400 μmol/s. This allows Jacobs-Braspenning to install fewer fixtures, so there is also significantly less shading, which is beneficial for the strawberries. Additionally, fewer fixtures logically also consume less energy. At the same time, the water-cooling system ensures a stable greenhouse climate and a very long lifespan for the fixtures.

Extra Monarch fixtures at Jacobs-Braspenning