AgroTeck new Portuguese dealer

Paulo Feteira from the Portuguese greenhouse supplier AgroTeck approached Oreon for the first time at FruitLogistica in Berlin in early 2020.



With the indoor cannabis market in Portugal set to grow, AgroTeck were very keen to add an LED company to their portfolio, which already included companies such as Richel Greenhouses, KG Systems, Hinova and Alweco Screens.

The decision to partner with Oreon is a well-considered and logical one. In countries such as Portugal, where temperatures are high and cannabis is mainly grown indoors, the ability to extract the heat emitted by the LED fixtures from the grow rooms is a huge advantage. The results are lower cooling costs and a stable environment with a balanced temperature and RH.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Oreon, as their water cooling technology offers many advantages for the indoor cultivation of medical cannabis in Portugal. High lighting levels can be achieved without extra heat in the facility. The extracted heat can be reused and customers can save on cooling costs at the same time,” says Paulo Feteira, director of AgroTeck.

AgroTeck new Portuguese dealer