Soft fruit

Soft fruit

Soft fruit

When cleaning the greenhouse, growers do not have to worry about removing the lighting fixtures due to the IP67 rating. In addition, the lifespan is extended by the water-cooling. The fixtures are virtually maintenance free for more than 5 years.

High light output

Light output up to 2080 μMol/s. Existing HPS lamps can be replaced or a you can opt for a hybride solution.

High efficiency

The Oreon Grow Light is >50% more efficient compared to tradition HPS lamps. (1.7 μMol/J vs. 3.1 μMol/J).

Minimal shading effect

Despite the high light output, the fixture is smaller compared to traditional HPS lamps and comparable LED fixtures.

Heat control

The LED fixtures give off a minimal amount of heat as a result of the continuous water cooling, making sure the temperature inside the greenhouse remains constant.

Optimal spectrum

The right proportion of red and blue light will allow the Oreon Grow Light to produce the most efficient spectrum per crop.


L90 - 35,000h


  • Photon Flux2080 μMol/s
  • Efficiency3.1 μMol/J
  • Power670 Watt (±5%)
  • Voltage Range200-480 VAC
  • Cooling liquidWater
  • Cooling liquid temperatureFrom dew point 113˚F | 45˚C
  • Heat imparted onto cooling system per fixture±275 W
  • Lifespan L90 - 35,000h
  • Warranty5 years
  • CertificationcMETus, UL.