News 3 Las Vegas: A look inside a massive Cannabis cultivation facility in North Las Vegas

At Flower One's Greenhouse, you will see the entire life cycle of cannabis plants. They start as babies, but a couple of weeks later, you’ll see plants about ten times this size.

“The Greenhouse, is only 400,000 square feet," said Flower One COO Salpy Boyajian. Salpy runs the show at Flower One's facility. Inside Greenhouse, you'll find row after row of cannabis plants that are maturing or blooming. 

The industry is young here in Nevada and is continuing to grow. Salpy Boyajian says the demand for cannabis is growing, and as a supplier, their priority is to keep it coming. “It's reliability, and availability of the product, and accessibility to our dispensary clients," Salpy said. Thanks to  lighting of the plants with the Oreon Grow Lights, these are cooled with water, so that the greenhouses in this warm area are not unnecessarily heated up.

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