HPS and LED top lighting best tomato recipe in winter

The tomato lighting research at PSKW has been completed mid-June, in the meanwhile the results have been published by PSKW. Oreon has been working with great interest closely together with the PSKW researchers in the last two years. The test will now continue in another capacity.


Research like we did with PSKW is very important for the development of our product portfolio, because it could change certain accents. The main question for us in this study was, whether a combination of HPS top lighting, combined with LED interlighting leads to a higher production, compared to the combination of HPS top lighting combined with LED top lighting in winter. Previous studies, as well as situations in the field, does still not deliver any evidence that there is more effectiveness of interlighting, while costs are considerably higher. The answer to that question is now crystal clear: HPS top lighting, combined with LED top lighting scores significantly better in winter compared to HPS top lighting, combined with LED interlighting. Only after May this image seems to change. The entire research is published in ‘Proeftuin Nieuws #15’.