HortiDaily: US (MA): Little Leaf Farms expands with Oreon grow lights

Mid-2016 sustainable entrepreneur Paul Sellew started a vegetable greenhouse for leafy greens in the Boston area (Massachusetts) to meet the demand for year-round local produce. 


In the last 18 months the production of Little Leaf Farm has grown and Sellew chooses to expand. The construction of the 1 hectare greenhouse has started and will be completed early next year. Yet again, this new part will be illuminated by the LED fixtures of Oreon.

The unique water-cooling aspect is the main reason for Sellew’s decision in LED. "The Oreon Grow Light 2.1 allows more flexibility, a longer illumination time during the year with a minimum use of energy. These lamps have done a good job and we are happy with their performance" said Sellew.

The complete installation of both water and electricity is provided by PB Techniek, Sellew’s installation partner for many years.

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