HortiDaily: German lettuce grower Brimmers: 'Heating the greenhouse by cooling our LEDs'

German lettuce grower Brimmers once again opts for Oreon's water-cooled LED luminaires for the expansion of its location in Straelen. This time it concerns the Oreon Grow Light 3.0. Thanks to the higher output of this new luminaire (2,050 µMol / w / s), significantly fewer lamps are needed in phase 2 to achieve the desired light level.

Brimmers opts for Oreon because of the positive experiences from the first phase and the possibility of having a customized spectrum installed.

Brimmers is going to rebuild the simple water cooling installation, and with the heat that is generated from cooling the lamps, they can heat the greenhouse. "Thanks to water cooling, this is economically the most profitable solution available in the market," according to Oreon.

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