HortiDaily: BC Tweed opts for Oreon lights

With the GreenTech coming up this month we're getting in touch with several horticultural intellectuals, entrepreneurs, innovators and general greenhouse geeks.

Today Oreon can reveal a project they are majorly proud of: installing LED at BC Tweed! 

What is your contribution to the advancement of the global horticulture industry?

Oreon develops and produces water-cooled LED grow lights. The unique water-cooling concept of the fixtures ensures the continuously cooling of the LED’s and electronics parts, which is the best guarantee for trouble-free growing for many years.

At first growers only compared LED solutions with sodium lamps. Sometimes they only compared the investment cost and not the huge savings in running cost. Now the market has learned more about LED lighting. Nowadays a decision is made not only based on investment costs but also on the durability of the system, running cost and the yield and quality of the crop. Ofcourse also the experiences of colleagues helps growers to choose for the technology of the future.

What would you say is the most important topic in horticulture at the moment?

Becoming more sustainable. In the Netherlands for instance, the Dutch government has taken the decision that the greenhouse sector should speed up the transition from natural gas to alternative energy solutions. This has a big impact on especially greenhouses which have CHP engines, many of whom also apply artificial lighting. We’re convinced that water-cooled LED lighting can play a crucial role in the energy transition, since they consume almost 50% less electricity, whereas the thermal energy is a controllable source of heat.

What will you be doing at the GreenTech? Will you present any novelties during the trade show?

We are really excited to present our latest developments and new products at the Greentech!

What project that you’re currently involved in are you most proud of?

BC Tweed. BC Tweed is the largest licensed cannabis grower in Canada and will be growing cannabis across seven high-tech greenhouses, for the benefit of medical and recreational markets in Canada. Top quality and sustainable cultivation are of major importance to BC Tweed. This is one of the reasons the company has opted for our water-cooled LED technology. The first cannabis plants will be harvested in the first (16ha) greenhouse in mid-2018. 

How do you see the future of horticulture?

Horticulture greenhouses are even more becoming sophisticated, high tech, sustainable and efficient growing areas that play the most important role in the future of food safety and steady predictable food supply.  

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