HortiDaily: Austrian lettuce grower installs Oreon grow lights

Austrian grower Zeiler Greenland is building a 4ha greenhouse nearby Vienna. Zeiler - originally one of the biggest tomato growers of Austria – is advised by Dutch company Jansen GIC.


They have chosen to illuminate the lettuce greenhouse with the LED solution of Lemnis Oreon. At the end of this year the greenhouse will be fully operational. For electrical installation and cooling Lemnis Oreon works together with the Belgian Indagro and Dutch–based Hortipar. Lemnis Oreon has successfully worked with these partners in Belgium and the United States on previous projects.

The Oreon Grow Lights are extremely efficient and the unique water cooling concept ensures the LEDs to be optimally cooled. Besides that, the heat coming from the lamps will be removed from the greenhouse where it can be re-used. As a result the grower has full control over the thermal energy of the lamps, which ensures a more optimal growing climate with an energy conscious cultivation. Other advantages are lower running cost, better crop quality and a shorter grow cycle. Because of the compact design of the LED fixtures there will be less shade in the greenhouse. The combination of the above is the best guarantee for trouble-free growing with artificial lighting for many years.

“With the water-cooled Oreon Grow Lights, I am certain to have the most reliable LED grow lights in the market: Spitzen Qualität”, Christian Zeiler says.

"We are extremely happy that a well-known grower as Zeiler has chosen for our lamps. Both Christian Zeiler and his advisor have considered all alternatives. The fact they have chosen for our solution says something about our product and organization and that makes us very proud”, says Jan Mol, director of Lemnis Oreon.