About Oreon

About Oreon

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Welcome to our website after you have visited our online profile at GreenTech Live & Online. Curious about the advantages and technique of our water cooled LED grow lights? 
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Oreon produces and develops highly efficient and sustainable greenhouse LED grow lights, especially for greenhouse horticulture.

The LED grow lights of Oreon are available in various spectra, making sure the LED fixtures are suitable for different types of crops. The unique water-cooling technique ensures the LEDs and electronic parts are continuously cooled, which is the best guarantee for trouble-free growing for many years. The water-cooling makes it also possible to produce high lighting levels with a high efficiency and offers the opportunity to re-use the gained heat. Together with the custom designed lens this results in a fixture being efficient enough for evenly lighting a very large area.

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Oreon’s unique water cooled lighting technology ensures that electronics and LEDs are continuously cooled. This not only extends the fixtures lifespan, it also benefits the growth of the crop. The active water-cooling, makes it possible to produce high lighting levels of up to 3400 uMol/s (efficiency up to 3.4 uMol/J). Oreon developed multiple products, each suitable for different types of cultivation.

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The smallest LED fixture, the biggest impact."
About Oreon
Every crop has its own lightning needs."
About Oreon


The LED grow lights of Oreon are very powerful. This means that less fixtures are needed for a desired light level, but it also means that fixtures can be placed further apart. The size of the greenhouse, available height, type of crop and desired DLI are factors that determine the amount of fixtures needed. Years of knowledge and experience enables Oreon to develop the perfect light recipe for your greenhouse or growing area. 

We are happy to develop a custom-made lighting plan for you without any obligation.



For many years we've been working closely with growers, installers and greenhouse suppliers all over the world. Together we developed high quality product applications, effective installations and various solutions to reuse the gained heat.

Are you looking for a dealer to get advise or to purchase LED grow lights of Oreon? Please find our registered dealers below. Are you interested in becoming an installation partner? Please contact us, we are happy to discuss the options.

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Longer lighting periods and less energy consumption with water cooled LEDs"
About Oreon

Water cooled LED grow lights

Why choose water cooled LED grow lights?


As mentioned before, using water cooled LED grow lights has multiple benefits. For starters, the active cooling makes it possible to store the heat separately, away from the greenhouse. This prevents the heat to rise to the top of the greenhouse, so it’s not necessary to air once in a while. With opening the windows, not only the heat escapes, but you’ll lose CO2 as well. CO2 is essential for the crop to grow, so you have to add it again later. Storing the heat that the fixtures produce, makes it possible to keep the windows of your greenhouse closed. This way, you keep the CO2 inside and you can use the heated water you stored later to heat your crop and support it’s growing. 

In addition, Oreon’s water cooled LED grow lights are the smallest fixtures available on the market. The compactness features minimal shade, which not only makes it possible to have maximal use of the natural sunlight, you’ll also need less fixtures in your greenhouse.

The LED fixtures are IP67 water resistant and therefore are easy to clean. Since there are no moving parts on the outside, like with using fans for active cooling, there’s less chance of malfunctions. No dirt will get in and there is no maintenance required.

The electrical parts are constantly cooled, which ensures the lifespan of the water cooled LED grow lights. All in all, Oreon’s water cooled LED grow lights will save you (energy) costs and will benefit the growth of the crop.


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