The increasing need for greenhouse lighting...

the desire to consume less energy and the specific possibilities offered by LED lighting
have allowed Oreon to use the Oreon Grow Light to create solutions
for an optimal, more efficient and innovative lighting method.


High light output

The Oreon Grow Light has a light output till 1589 μMol/s. This allows for existing HPS lamps to be completely replaced, or you can opt for a hybrid solution.

High efficiency

The Oreon Grow Light is >50% more efficient than the traditional HPS lamp. (1.7 μMol/J vs. 2.72 μMol/J).

Minimal shading effect

The fixtures are smaller than the traditional HPS lamp and comparable LED fixtures, despite the higher light output.

Heat control

The LED fixtures give off a minimal amount of heat as a result of the continuous water cooling, making sure the temperature inside the greenhouse remains constant.

Optimal spectrum

The right proportion of red and blue light allows the Oreon Grow Light to produce the most efficient spectrum per crop.

Lasting quality

The Oreon Grow Light is completely dust- and waterproof and IP67 certified. The water cooling ensures the LED’s can enjoy a long life. (L90 with >35,000 hours)



Oreon places a high value on quality. That’s why the Oreon Grow Light 2.1 meets all quality requirements. The light carries the CE marking, is ANSI/UL certified and tested according to the applicable standards and meets all safety requirements.
During th...
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The new year starts very well at Oreon, because we’re welcoming Arnold de Kievit as a new member to the Oreon-team. Until recently Arnold worked as salesmanager at Innolumis Public Lighting, so he knows the world of lights. “I’m really looking forward to a renewed cooperatio...
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To meet increasing market demands Slamotra BVBA expanded their production of lettuce in 2016. They increased their existing 1-hectare greenhouse with lettuce on water to three hectares in total.